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AT admits cheap michael kors handbags spam offense after contract exposed

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How To Top Categories Computers Home michael kors handbags Entertainment Internet Phones Photography Security Tablets ForumsLog In to CNET Join providing Web hosting services to a purported sender of unsolicited”This proves that AT knowingly does business with spammers and shows that AT makes ‘pink’ contracts with known spammers to not terminate the spammers’ services,” Steve Linford of The Spamhaus Project wrote in an email interview.

AT confirmed Thursday the authenticity of the contract and said it had been discontinued. “The agreement has been terminated, and the customer has been disconnected.”

AT spam policy specifically rules out contracts like the one it signed with Nevada Hosting.

Nevada Hosting could not be reached for .

Anti spam groups have long suspected the existence of pink contracts that allow spammers to promote their Web sites provided they send their unsolicited cheap michael kors emails through other Internet service providers, according to Linford. The AT contact confirmed those suspicions.

The Spamhaus Project’s success comes as anti spam groups increasingly bypass spammers themselves and instead target those who facilitate the dissemination of unsolicited Those groups mostly ISPs and server administrators are relatively few and are easier cheap michael kors to hold accountable than spammers.

Meta Group says spam, like junk mail on paper, is an annoyance that people will have to live with. However, Meta Group research shows that spamming is not cheap Michael Kors effective marketing and can alienate customers. see ary

Another such pressure group is the Mail Abuse Prevention System (MAPS), which maintains the Realtime Blackhole List (RBL). The MAPS RBL blacklists servers left open to abuse by spammers. While the group’s stated goal is to pressure server administrators to close avenues for spammers, the MAPS michael kors outlet RBL has weathered criticism that it has limited effectiveness in actually blocking spam.

The Spamhaus Project, based in London, positions itself as kind of spam Purgatory on the way to the MAPS RBL. Spamhaus targets entities that send spam with forged addresses and the ISPs that do business with them.

“When it finds a ‘stealth’ spamming service, or an outfit selling stealth spamware, The Spamhaus Project sends a michael kors cheap notice to the ISP and requests the service or site be terminated,” Linford wrote. “Ninety five percent of spam sites are terminated this way, and those that aren’t are then escalated to the MAPS RBL team.

“MAPS are very much our heroes.”

AT representatives have taken to Internet cheap Michael Kors handbags discussion forums in an attempt to placate spam foes and reassure them cheap michael kors that the company’s stated anti spam policy will be enforced in Michael Kors future contracts.Articles Connexes:

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